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Tool for Identifying Cross-Linked Peptides with Mass Spectrometry



Recent Version:MeroX 2.0
(StavroX included)

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You can Download the recent versions of MeroX (StavroX included) here.

MeroX 2 was programmed based on StavroX in Java. You will need Java Runtime Environment version 8 installed on your computer. You can download the latest JRE from

StavroX functions are still included in MeroX. StavroX can identifiy peptide-peptide cross-links from mass spectrometric data. Therefore peptides have to be cross-linked with a bifunctional reagent.

MeroX is based on StavroX. It is specialized for cleavable cross-linkers. In addition to peptide backbone fragments, MeroX identifies cross-linker specific fragments in MS-MS data

License Agreement:

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Windows XP - Vista - 7 - 8 - 10

MeroX2.0.exe [15'906 kB]

Runnable Java Archive

MeroX2.0.jar [15'501 kB]

Java Webstart

MeroX Web Application Start

MeroX is downloaded to a temporary folder on your computer and started from there.

MeroX Test Files [178 MB]



All StavroX-functions have been included in the new MeroX-version. Please download MeroX 2 from above to run your analyses. Previous analyses can still be opened as well as previous settings files.

You can still download previous versions of StavroX from the Home-page. Follow the links in the NEWS-sections.

StavroX Test Files [6560 kB]